Which protective gear should you use?

Customers often ask us which protective gear they should use whilst riding an electric unicycle. I always reply with the gear I use honed over the past years of riding. Remember the best way to protect yourself first and foremost is to ride at a speed you can run at...it all falls apart quickly if you ride any faster than this.

 Full Face Helmet

Helmet - the issue is with a wheel, if it cuts off, then its face plant city - not like a motorbike, there is no sliding off, its almost always straight to the face (with little time to get the arms out quick enough...so try and stay away from hands in pockets...or if you do, then you ride knowing the risks..I sometimes do...but ultimately its a bad idea)
So...I ride with a Kali full face helmet. 

Protective riding trousers

As for trousers, I ride in winter with motorcycle waterproof ones, with a liner for warmth, summer then you really cant beat Alpinestars (from my motorcycling days). They are a half way house between normal trousers and motorcycle trousers, expensive, but my sets were lasting me at least 10 years of constantly wearing them. Get a pair here.

Flex Force Armour Top for Unicycle

As for armour - I wear this all the time, its brilliant and what we did the 1000 miler wearing. Get yours here.

Then you could also protect your wrists and knees (some of the draggin jeans accept inserts in the knee area), this is a good kit we do here.