The prize pool for EUC competitions is getting bigger and bigger!

San Francisco and Los Angeles have become one of the best places to be an electric unicycle enthusiast not only because of the large number of riders but also there are more and more EUC competitions being organised. Let's start with the Baesk8's Cannonball race.

First of all for people unfamiliar with Baesk8, it is one of the biggest electric vehicle enthusiast groups in the California Bay Area and they also organise weekly group rides on Saturdays.

Cannonball race

This time they are launching 'The First Annual Cannonball Race' which is a race across San Francisco for skateboards, scooters and EUCs. They will have straight line races and a cross city rally and there will be over 1000 dollars in prize money. If you are the competitive kind and are in the Bay Area between the 6th and 8th of September then go to the to sign up for the event.

Of course fun stuff are happening is LA as well and that's the 'Los Angeles Electric Unicycle Games'.

LA EUC Games

Their website is finally up and running so if you’re are free on Saturday, 26th of October, and are in Los Angeles then you can sign up either as a contestant or as a spectator for this event which is brought to you by Rama and Zulema Douglas in association with The Electric Wheel Grand Prix, Alien Rides and Marty Backe. 

You can expect all sorts of games and challenges such as Limbo, Musical Chairs, a Grand Prix race and more. The winners will get prizes but they are yet to be confirmed, check out their website for more details!