Unofficial KingSong Android Wear app in development

If you watch the Speedy Feet Weekly EUC Live Show, a couple of weeks ago Ian talked about a guy working on an EUC smartwatch app. We have an update on the story!

User by the name of Zanoni has developed an Android Wear app called Wear Wheel. The app allows you to use your smartwatch to monitor the stats of your KingSong EUC, such as speed, battery percentage, distance and etc. The app is not official, it's just a one man project and at the moment it works only on Android and works only with KingSong unicycles. The app was released on the 18th of February 2019 and you can download it for free from the Google Play store

This is how everything started:

How Zanoni started with the app

Basically Zanoni came across some code for communicating with KingSong devices and he wanted to use his smartwatch to monitor his wheel whilst riding. He thought that such kind of an app would be helpful to other EUC enthusiasts as well so he published it on the Play store. 

Here's how the app looks like in real life:

If I had an Android Watch I'd love to try the app because just like Zanoni I ride a KS-16S and I'd love to be able to check my speed and distance with a quick glance! 

All of this does sound amazing but the app is still in its early days so users are experiencing some problems like waiting minutes for their watches to connect to their EUCs, high battery usage, the app freezing and etc. but Zanoni is hard at work addressing all of these issues and getting the app working smoothly. You can check his forum post here and you can help him with some feedback so he can improve the Wear Wheel app and maybe even expand it to include other electric unicycle manufacturers. 

Zanoni deserves respect for sacrificing his time and energy to develop this app and he is doing it for free, I'm really looking forward to when this app is polished and hopefully I'd have bought a smartwatch by then!