High Voltage Chargers - Kingsong


[Official Kingsong Statement]

Recently, we found that some end users use high voltage, large current charger to charge lower voltage batteries or wiring negative pole and postive pole in reverse. 
Pls note that if the voltage of our battery is 67.2V, pls use 67.2V charger to charge our unicycle, if voltage of our battery is 84V, pls use 84V charger accordingly. 
For our wheels with 67.2V (Model No.: KS-14M, KS-14D, KS-14S, KS-16S, KS-18S) , the biggest current of charger can’t exceed 5A.  For 84V (KS-18L) , the biggest charger current of two charging ports can’t exceed 10A 
If using 84V charger to charge 64V battery, it will damage the diode on the control board, also, it has potential to cause fire accident, the wheel will expolde when over charging. 
We will not cover the warranty if users use wrong chargers. Thanks for attention.

[End of official Kingsong Statement]