9/05/2022 | Import Shipment Status

Our shipments finally arrived after several months delay, we paid over all the tax and duty and then 24hrs later Border Force decided they would like to inspect all our wheels and parts etc. 

Sadly on top of that we are going to be charged £498 per day for storage charges whilst we wait for them to examine the goods, this cost is literally money down the drain and certainly makes us scratch our heads as to whether we are in the wrong business!

Those that have pre ordered will still get the same price for the wheel they have pre ordered, but for those with no order we may need to put the price up to try and balance out the increased costs which have heavily impacted our operations.

We are totally at the mercy of the third party handling this shipment (which no one will give us the name of who are charging £498..all a little suspicious) and also HMRC/Border Force. They are not really in a rush and don't give to flying whatsits whether we are charged £498 a day or not. They are taking possession of our goods on the 18th May 2022, we await any demands for information they implement on us.

We hope this will be sorted ASAP, for ours and our customers sakes.

(To be clear, we will get the goods, it simply means it will be delayed due to their actions)


Speedy Feet LTD


Update | 19th May 2022

"Hi Ian,

This consignment has been collected from the Devan Warehouse by HMRC on 18/05/2022 as planned.

HMRC will update after the examination to see if it is okay to release the goods.

We will update you when we hear anything from HMRC.

Thank you"

Update | 20th May 2022

Please kindly below from HMRC:

"The goods are currently being arrange on our examination floor. This should be ready for the exam.

Once this is complete and a team has been assigned the officer will be contact either for further information or with the outcome letter.

Please allow a couple more days for the team to conduct a full investigation."

Update | 23rd May 2022

"Hi Ian,     Hope you are good,     HMRC advised this consignment has been assigned with an officer for the examination.        The latest update from the office is ‘I am in the process of examining the above entry’.     Any update, we will let you know.     Thank you"

Update | 24th May 2022

We chased our agent to get them to chase HMRC, HMRC responded:

"I will come back to you as soon as I complete my examination.

Again, super vague and not really overly concerned with the delay of our shipment. Would love to be able to say "in 24hrs we will be at point A/B/C" but sadly, the above doesn't indicate anything helpful. Sorry!

Update | 25th May 2022

We chased our agent to get them to chase HMRC

"Good morning Ian,

Hope you are good. 

I have requested another update from HMRC for you. 

Once they get back to me, I will update you accordingly."

Afternoon of 25th 12:03 we sent:

Q."Just following up now its the afternoon to see if there is an update?"

A. "Sorry to say nothing so far."

Afternoon of 25th 16:05 we sent:

Q. "Afternoon, still nothing?!"

Update | 27th May 2022

Goods released with no issues, all being well will be collected Tuesday 31st and then delivered to our warehouse 48hrs later, we hope! (the seizure of our goods was in fact not to do with inspection due to consumer safety, but for tax purposes, to make sure we were declaring it correctly! We were....and so they after inspection released it with no issues. Why they could have not done this with invoices later on baffles us a little.).

Update | 30th May 2022

"We have not yet received any update from HMRC confirming your goods have been returned to the ETSF warehouse and once we do and I will let you know asap."

Update | 1st June 2022

Finally! Had confirmation that the goods will be delivered to our warehouse next Monday - in part due to the fact that tomorrow and Friday are now bank holidays due to the Queens Jubilee - yup, 'perfect timing' for an already massively delayed shipment! 

Depending on arrival time Monday, will depend on what we can ship out, its going to take a few hours just to sort through and enter into the warehouse all the shipment. So Monday shipping is unlikely, it looks as though orders will start shipping out Tuesday 7th June (You will get a shipping email or text notification when it does ship)