Introducing the Speedy Feet 3 Pillars

Our '3 Pillars' Approach

We believe in a life long relationship between us and you, we are riders ourselves and have been embedded into the electric unicycle world since starting out in 2014. 

So we have taken the following approach:

2 Year Warranty | Guaranteed Buy Back | 25% Parts Discount

Here are details of each of those pillars:

2 Year Warranty

Speedy Feet has a 2 Year Conditional Warranty (Implemented/Valid from 12/06/2024) , which has given many 1000's of customers peace of mind. 

We did have a 3 Year Conditional Warranty (Implemented/Valid from 4/02/2022 expired 12/06/2024)

This warranty includes x2 Yearly EUC MOT’s worth in excess of £300 

You can find full details on what the EUC MOT here.

The condition of the 2 year warranty is that you adhere to the 2 year MOT (Service). The wheel must be returned back to us for inspection within 14 days of the anniversary of purchase. Shipping both ways will need to be paid by the customer. 
If this is not done then the warranty falls back to the standard 12 Month Warranty that is mandatory. (you will retain the right to 25% discount on parts). The MOT is needed to try and ascertain everything is in good order.

More Warranty terms;

We cover a wheel that has done no more than 1500 miles per year and no less than 500 miles per year. 

It's reliant on evaluating the item in question by us to see if it falls under our warranty. Remember - We will always try and help if possible irrespective if it falls under warranty or not.

Standard Warranty for wheels is 6 months on the battery/s and 12 Months on all other parts from manufacturing defect.

Speedy Feet has tried to take this a leap forward, and has done a blanket 2 year warranty. This of course is reliant on good care being taken of the machine and of a 'reasonable' riding style (riding down stairs, jumping the machine or dropping off more than an expected amount of curbs each day for example would be classed as not reasonable).
If a machine is all scratched up / battered or plain dirty then this would highlight misuse. We get machines back sometimes crammed full of mud, or smashed panels, cracked inner shells etc - this is a sure sign that due care and attention have not been given to the machine in question, and customers appreciate this when we highlight it and roll - nice pun - with the decision / course of action we advise.
We can of course work with owners on getting them back on the road, but some common sense has to be applied in the fact the machine would be expected to not last long under these circumstances, the warranty is not as simple as a washing machine or computer - its complicated and case by case because there is some bloke or lass stood on a machine, bearing down on it in a huge array of riding conditions and environments, and with a wide range of applications and usage requirements.
Speedy Feet doesn't have to offer a 2 year warranty, in fact at one point we didn't, it was brought in for peace of mind for the buyer. On the whole it has received massive support an all of the above just runs smoothly with understanding on both sides. Peripheral items are also included in the 2 year warranty when directly related to the machine in question e.g. a charger that came with the unit.

Things that would be outside warranty, but by no means an exhaustive list, just an example of things that would be outside the warranty:

1. Flat tire

2. Damage from a fall

3. Damage from mud, dirt, sand, water (light rain is fine - but don't ride through a lake of water for example, and even take caution with puddles, not only because its nasty water, but because it could be hiding a pot hole, leading to you having a point 2 event).

4. Damage from non use. If your wheel has done 1-250 miles in 12 months then batteries can heavily degrade, they will not be getting enough charge cycles for that sort of low usage, and you can expect dead cells or even entire dead battery units.

5. Damage from heavy use. On the flip side of point 4, doing 2000+ miles a year of course will be accelerating the shortening of the life span of the wheel considerably.

6. Use of third party chargers

7. General wear and tear - hard to list them all, but things like a tire wearing out, grip tape on the footplates wearing off.

8. Burnt board from over powering the unit / going too fast. We did have someone lean against a wall once and push forward as hard as possible to get a power output reading for their wheel; yeah, you guessed it, thats not covered by warranty, thats stupid. You can also blow a board by simply going too fast. Taking the unit up to the top speed advertised by the manufacturer is the same as taking a car up to its top speed - you run the risk of something going very wrong. Most wheels, (not all) will warn at 80% power output to slow (either with beeps or voice warning), but some people turn off these alarms or tape over them to stop them having to hear it, then they get into trouble when something goes wrong.

9. Transfer of ownership is not covered, like most car makers - transfer of warranty does not apply once the original owner sells.

10. Modification - anything that involves the wheel being opened up essentially puts a question mark over what potential damage could be done at the time that could later cause an issue. Its only with the authority of Speedy Feet the works can be carried out (and in this instance it doesn't give 'carte blanche' to doing what you like, it just means we agree to you carrying out the work in the first place - but it could still mean you void the warranty if you make an error of any kind, in essence opening up the machine puts into question the validity of the work carried out).

As above, it's not an exhaustive list, and in part it's down to our discretion once we have the unit back to inspect.

If you dont agree with this then DO NOT PURCHASE from us. 

Our customer service is well recognised because we do always try and go the extra mile to get you on the road, its our passion to have people riding, and its sad when that doesn't go to plan. If you are a rare case of it not going to plan, we are actually here to help you, and are willing to do so. It will usually all get sorted, and a lot of the time at our own cost despite being out of our warranty requirements. Sometimes its sorted quickly sometimes it isnt - it depends on parts to hand, and response times from other business's involved in the repair process. Please remember, Speedy Feet is a small business with actual real people here, we have heightened our responsibilities with our 2 year warranty to help, not to hinder. It doesn't always mean you will get exactly what you want, but it should mean at a basic level we will do all we can to get you on the road again.
Communicate regularly and we usually (not always!), reply with 24/48 working hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm). Our analytics show on average our response times are actually within 6 hours, and often we are replying out of hours. (Stats are from the last few years that we have been using the current system which allows us to see these stats).

A note on battery degradation: We follow loosely the Nissan groups EV warranty when it comes to degradation of the batteries. Of course they have a life span which depends on a usage pattern. If normal use (see above - not to low miles and not drastically high) then we would expect over the 2 years no more than 30% loss of range against new range and in same conditions (remember winter can naturally see up to a 50% loss, especially in the cold climates: 21c is optimum and is the temp that a lot of manufactures use as a bench test on range) in the first 2 years, then up to a 45% loss by year 3. There are some factors specific to wheels - if you put on 5 stone over the course of a year, guess what, you range is going to drop. I think you get the idea!

Its a case by case decision and may not be applicable in all cases.

25% Parts Discount

All customers who purchase a wheel from us will be entitled to future parts for that wheel at 25% off the advertised price, we take a hit, but we think it adds peace of mind and supports you with the maintenance of your wheel. 

Parts include all parts that come with the original wheel as built by the manufacturer. Including batteries, chargers, tires etc, what a bonus!

Speedy Feet Guaranteed Buy Back

Great news! If you buy a new wheel from Speedy Feet we guarantee to purchase it back from you.

We have been thinking about how we can further increase our customer support and backup.

We first came out with the 2 year warranty back in 2015 (This is important as still to this day most wheel producers offer 6 months on the battery and 12 on the wheel, so 2 years gives great peace of mind). The only problem we have with this was that pop up companies keep appearing and offering 2 year warranty as well...and on the surface it seems equal...until they disappear 6 months later (or worse 1.5 years later when you might need them to honour it).

So...this leads us on to the next stage, the Guaranteed Buy Back.

We polled the members of our private wheel owners group (all of who purchased a wheel from us at some point over the years) and asked what a respectable buy back percentage amount would be.

Top 3 votes (out of 9 options) were in order of number of votes:

1. 40%

2. 25%

3. 35%

This poll was helpful, as rather than setting an arbitrary percentage amount it gave some insight into what would be acceptable without us guessing.

We have decided to go with number 2. We cannot as a business afford option number 1 or 3, 35% and 45% is just too high a number to make it sustainable and reliable for you all. (Just like price cutting, or price matching, we will not run the risk of putting the business, and your warranty in jeopardy so we steer clear of them). 

So in short, if you purchase a wheel from Speedy Feet we guarantee to buy it back for 25% of the purchase price.

This takes the hassle out of selling on a platform such as ebay where the buyer messes you around or you struggle to sell second hand and have to spend time and effort resolving.

We fully understand you might be able to get more for it in a private sale, and we would encourage you to do this, but at the same time we have recognised that many customers just want to upgrade quick and sharpish and are often left in deep water many times. A quick and easy solution was needed, and we believe this offers that. And after all, you don't HAVE to take us up on this offer, but its a guaranteed offer that sits on the table if you should so need it!

There are some terms and conditions which we will try to keep as short as possible, broken down into points.


1. Wheel can be no older than 3 years from purchase from us

2. It must be complete (i.e. wheel and charger fully built just like the day you got it, with original components.* 

3. Up to 3500 miles on the clock*

4. No broken parts and must be fully useable*

5. The 25% buy back price is the original EX VAT price

6. You will need to arrange shipping or drop off the wheel to us either is fine with us.

7. Only new wheels and that were purchased from us.

*We can always come to an agreement where we discount the buy back price for any broken parts, that way you avoid and labour costs in terms of repair; we will take the hit for the time taken to repair. Likewise for missing charger etc, we can just deduct the price.

This guarantee might be updated moving forward, it will never be updated as to lower the 25% buy back though, but depending on abuse of the system, or things just not being right we reserve the right to adjust as needed without notice.

This article was written and announced 08/07/2020, ammendments do happen and we try to denote this with a day, month and year to keep it up to date.We are always looking to at increasing the customer experience and to keep us band of riders happy and on the go!