84v 10amp Rapid (200~240v) Charger (7x Speed) for Gotway


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84v 10amp Rapid Gotway Charger

This product requires your own work to be done to boost the standard charging cables within the Gotway to withstand the 10amp current. Do NOT purchase if you are unable to solder, crimp and re-route. These changes will more than likely void your existing warranty. Again, you cannot simply plug this in and charge.

Standard chargers that come with the Gotway Msuper, Monster and ACM 84v versions are 1.5amp, this aftermarket charger is 10amps, making it almost 7 times faster; don't waste your life waiting for your Gotway to charge get this charger - NOW! 

Comes with a spare fuse and also UK IEC cable and the 4 pin charging male adapter ready for you to wire up (see main picture).

We would recommend mixing your charge cycles between your standard 1.5amp charger and this. This should not replace your standard charger entirely. Give the batteries a break every now and then (We would say every 3 charges do a standard full charge cycle).

*This ONLY works with x4 pin (84v) Gotway systems. The charging loom needs to be rewired with cables suitable of carrying the 10amp load and above. Required 200~240V (AC) to work.