InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle

InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle


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Brand new from InMotion, the V11 1500wh battery capacity and a powerful 2200w motor (peak power 3000w).


07/08/2020: Our order should be shipping next week.

04/08/2020: Due to the updated bearing change we asked for an updated ETA on when their production would be ready to leave the factory, InMotion replied: "Maybe on August 10th, right now I couldn't guarantee a exact time. Sorry about that."

03/08/2020: Our units that arrive will have the latest RS bearing (sealed unit), rather than the initial Z version that was used in first production run.

28/07/2020: From InMotion: "I just checked with factory, probably leaving next week. Really sorry about the delay."

16/07/2020 - Latest from inmotion, the newest version planning to leave to be on their way to us end July  (Leave InMotion end July and start their journey to us, usually 4-5 weeks).

Biggest point to this wheel is that it has suspension, providing a up to 85mm of travel, making off road riding and dropping off curbs ad breeze on the knees.

Ground clearance of 250mm.

The charing is via a 2.5amp system, so full charge from empty is only 8 hours.

Top speed is 55kmh (34mph)

It also has an inbuilt stand!

Tire size 18x3.0

Expected August 2020 (So ignore the pre order button ETA)\

More details to follow:

InMotion V11 1500wh