Inmotion V5F-InMotion-Speedy Feet

Inmotion V5F

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Another great quality wheel from inmotion. Nippy, light and portable.

PRE ORDER, subject to date changes, information will be added here as and when we have it from inmotion, we always keep the page updated for more accurate info, and to keep you fully informed!

Model V5F
Color Black
Net Weight 11.9kg
Range  21.8-25 miles (35-40 km)
Max.Speed  15.6 mph (25km/h)
Max. Slope 18°
Payload 120kg
Charging Time  Approx 3.5h 
Power Ratings 550W
Input (Charger) AC 110-240V 50/60Hz
Output (Charger) DC 84V*1.5A
Battery Capacity 4.4AH 320WH
Outer Tire Size 14 inches
Connection Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Battery Temperature Protection 131°F (55℃)
Product Size 18.74*15.82*6.53 in
Distance between Footboard and Ground 4.52 inches (11.48cm)
IP Ratings IP55
Operating Temperature 14 ~ 104 °F (-10 ~ 40 ℃)
Decorated Lamp Blue Front Lamp, Red Rear Lamp