2 Motorcycles, 1 E-bike and a whole bunch of Shermans

What a week it was, probably one of the busiest Mondays at Speedy Feet HQ due to the arrival of loads of Shermans and paintball equipment. Not only that but also the first day of Sally the shop manager in Ross!

Ian finally sold his electric motorcycle but he will keep his petrol one for the occasional weekend adventure. He might even start riding his bicycle more because of the weight loss challenge the whole Speedy Feet team are doing.

Not that much in EUC repairs this week for Mario but loads of tidying of the warehouse and building of shelving units. Mario might have 7 years of bad luck according to the ancient Romans, stay tuned to find out if that'll be the case!

Also can you spot the little puppet man, comment down below or email us with time stamps of his whereabouts. The first person gets an in-store voucher!

Check out the episode here: