Is using an Electric Unicycle Lazy?

"Cheating that"

I have heard this said more than once on my travels, and so have some of you other riders probably. It got me thinking, its such a shame that those throwing away comments like that have not had the privilege to ride one or even give it a go to appreciate how much skill it takes to actually fully master an Electric Unicycle.

Just like Riding a Bike

Just like learning to ride a bike, it takes time and effort to master the skill. It is just that, a skill, which once learnt opens you up to a world of longer travel without taking the expensive car, taxi or bus. It means you don't need to arrive at your place of work all sweaty and tired before you even start the day. It means on the weekends you can go for pleasant ride outs at the drop of a hat and enjoy areas you have never even thought of venturing into!

Electic Unicylces are amazing tools

Time advantage

This evening showed again, despite riding for almost 3 years, just how really useful these little tools can be. I had to take one of my sons to football practice, but also had a lot of work that needed doing straight after, but also had to walk Bruce our dog, well guess what, out came the GotWay Msuper V3 820 and in the hour he was at football practice we had done a 5 miler, got all cleaned up and back to collect the boy from football, without the wheel we would never have covered so much ground and I would have had to dedicate some time solely walking the dog rather than getting on with some much needed time working this evening. Crazy efficient way of doing this.....all made possible with the amazing Electric Unicycle!

Hope you found this blog entry enlightening and uplifting, if so please feel free to comment and share!