Week 12 at the Speedy Feet HQ

This week the garage project continues. Ian initially just wanted a little space where he can do admin work undisturbed but as more and more challenges arose in the garden, he decided to go all in. 

The simple garage conversion turned into a mega project and on the Tuesday what you see in the video is 2.5 square meters of cement! The end result will be worth it when everything is over... we hope! 

In terms of repairs, there was some progress on the S18 that we collected the other week. A brand new board was able to fully charge the batteries and in the upcoming week, Mario will find out if the full charge will be enough or that he will need to replace the board. Also there has been a bit of progress with the Monster Gen 1 but will Mario will be able to overcome the challenge of finding the right chassis?  Tune in next week! 

Again lots of video editing, both for Speedy Feet and the paintball channel. There are still a few more videos to go on the paintball side and obviously the follow up reviews of the EX! Having an extra hour means more time to ride the wheel! 

Hope you enjoy the episode and we'll see you next time!