New Speedy Feet Referral Program

You have signed up for Magic Beans on our site (good choice!), its giving you cash back on your orders!

Speedy Feet Referral Program

But what about if you want to refer a friend? Well thats where our new Referral Program comes in, get signed up here if you haven't already. It's a separate sign up from the Magic Beans program, so get signed up now.

Simple: if you refer 20 people to purchase a wheel from us and they successfully checkout; as a gift you will find yourself with a HUGE £1000 store credit on your account!

Thats a pretty staggering offer, all you have to do is sign up and become a referrer today and get referring!

Basic Rule

The idea is people referred would purchase an electric unicycle; as such the referred person must spend £1000 upwards on their order for you to qualify for your credit. This covers almost all the wheels we sell, so there should be no problem in you getting your credit, simple hey!

*As always, subject to change as and when we progress through this life, its all free after all.