UK's biggest EUC meet

If you follow some EUC facebook groups you might have seen this, but if you haven't let me tell you all about it because I'm very excited. 

Rich Scull is organising a EUC meet in Bristol, England. The date is Monday, 22 April, 2019 and the events starts at 10am and finishes by 4pm. The post code is BS9 1FG. When you look it up you'll find a big park called Clifton Down but Bristolians just call it "The Downs". Last time I was there with friends we found a random guy playing the bongo hidden amidst the trees. Bristol is definitely an interesting city! 

The Downs

The EUC meet includes a variety of activities:

- EUC Polo (PoloWheel)

- Slalom Ride (The EUC Viking challenge)

- Lunch and an afternoon ride 

Check out the Facebook event here to RSVP. 

Bristol EUC flyer

I'm planning on going and taking some camera equipment with me to capture this event and hopefully make an interesting Speedy Feet video. The more people go, the merrier it will be, so if you live near and are free, come along for some EUC fun!