Gotway Nikola Control Boards (First release)

Marty did his killer mountain climb on 'overheat hill' with the Nikola and blew a board (blew the MOSFETs), the video is linked below. (Thanks Marty for being like Buzz Lightyear and going to infinity and beyond with your own hard earned cash purchased wheels!) 

(Pay attention to the date of this article...things change all the time!)

From that there has been a flurry of activity on the forums as to the source of the problem...cutting through that for a true informed diagnoses is almost impossible, but for sure a red flag has been some glue between the mosfets and the heat sink on the board - because this 'glue' isnt usually present based on all previous models and makes.

Nikola Control Board

Now; we have the Nikola in, and have done around 70km on it so far for the unboxing video, and will be rapidly hitting the 250km video video review as well, so Ian could be potentially taking one for the team (LOL if you are not Ian or his mum).

As a responsible seller Speedy Feet immediately reached out to Gotway for comment, they replied within minutes with answers, when asked if we could publicly publish their comments they said no problem. Here they are unedited (in reference to Marty's post above..and of course, SF comments in Green, GW in Grey):

END ------------------------------

If we come across a problem with the Nikola in relation to this issue, or of course if we hear otherwise from Gotway, we will publish another article and link it here.

Update 4th July 2019 - Gotway sent us new boards (because WE requested them due to updated bigger mosfets; because we are diligent we will be replacing any stock with the updated board with the larger Mosfets). BUT we have taken a look at our demo one, and no signs of any issues at all with the original board - see picture below of our Demo  Nikola original board after being removed:

Gotway Nikola Glue Board

*forgive the bad grammar - of course its ARE not our. Silly billy, in ref to "Ok. So the ones with have ARE safe?"