Kingsong - Bug in APP

[Official Statement from Kingsong]

'According to the market feedback, there is a bug in our app. The app will push wrong firmware when upgrading, especially when the users have two or more different king song unicycles. For Android , we have fixed this bug in our newest android app, V1.52, but for IOS, still in solving. 
So pls kindly remind users to pay attention to the firmware when upgrading, confirm it is the correct one.
If upgrade wrong firmware, it has risk to burn the fuse.'


[End of official statement from Kingsong]


We have questioned them on how a customer can know which is the correct firmware before upgrading. There needs to be some reference point to know which is correct.
For now, if its asking you to upgrade, say no, and then go and check which firmware you are currently on. If the number offered in the upgrade is higher then you know its a newer version, if its lower or the same then its the bug from what we can assume.


Picture below of where to look in the settings:


Kingsong Firmware update
No,not alll models have same version.
From the app, you can see the newest version number under the model number.