Speed Limit on Electric Unicycle?

Can you limit an electric unicycles speed? is a common question.

Yes you can, and the way this is done is through an APP which connects to the wheel via Bluetooth.

Check the model of wheel your buying has bluetooth connectivity and also has an accompanying app.

It's important to note that the manufacturer usually has their own app but that third party apps are also available that can also feature the ability to adjust speed.

Speed is adjusted via tilt back and/or audible alarm.

Its as simple as selecting when you want tilt back and/or the alarm to kick in.

Tilt back moves the footplates into a backwards position to force the rider to slow down at the set point.

(Tilt back also kicks in by firmware default on most makes at around 80% power output.).

The following manufacturers that we sell and at the time of writing have APPS:




Ninebot / Segway

Third party APPs such as Darkness Bot and EUC World also are available and work across a range of models and OS.

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