Electric Unicycle | One Wheel Segway

The Electric Unicycle is basically a one wheel segway, in fact Ninebot purchased Segway and brought out the Ninebot Z10 Electric Unicycle.

Who are Electric Unicycles for?

Electric Monowheels are a great way to commute and have fun! Its possible to ride from around age 8 and upward. We always recommend you get full protective clothing when riding a motorised unicycle after all these are self balancing unicycles and as such open to some falls along the way! You have seen those cheap hoverboards right? Well the electric unicycle is a serious riding tool. 

They are self balancing and have footplates that fold down, you step on and off you go (with some practice! See our YouTube channel for more riding training videos)

Speedy Feet 3 Pillars

Which Electric Unicycle Should I get?

The fastest electric unicycle is not always the best electric unicycle. We recommend riding at a speed which you can run out of. 

First of all get your eye onto these basic questions put up on the forum Electric People as these are crucial before making a purchase to make sure you get the best electric unicycle. There is a wide choice from the InMotion Electric Unicycle to the Gotway Unicycle to the Veteran Sherman, which powered wheel you choose depends on answering those basic questions. You will also fine some electric unicycle for sale used; we wary of this as often they are grey imports and out of warranty. Its worth noting you can even get an electric unicycle with seat!

Whichever Electric Unicycle you choose from Speedy Feet you can be assured that our expertise and our 2 year warranty has you covered!


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