Begode Tesla 3 Electric Unicycle
Begode Tesla T3 V3 1500Wh EUC
Begode Tesla T3 V3 1500Wh EUC
Begode Tesla T3 V3 1500Wh EUC

Begode Tesla T3 V3 1500Wh EUC

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Begode's Tesla 3 is the 3rd version of the popular commuter's wheel. Featuring an improved motor and motherboard as well as much bigger battery compared to the previous model. 

Begode Tesla 3 comes with a 16 inch tyre which can easily handle on and off road riding. It comes with a trolley handle if you need to push it instead of riding it, it does save you carrying it as it comes in around 22kg in net weight. 

Begode Tesla 3 features a respectable 2000W motor which packs a punch in this 16 inch electric unicycle. It's the new hollow motor style with improved bearings. 

The battery in this machine is 1500Wh which is almost 50% increase compared to the previous Tesla V2. This massive increase in capacity will give you much more range. Begode claims 50+ miles on their spec sheet but take this estimate with a pinch of salt. Overall the range will be respectable for this Tesla 3 electric unicycle. 

Further specifications can be found down below:

T3 Specification




Dimension(footrests folded)


Wheel diameter


Footrest height


Trolley height


Rough weight


Net Weight



Safe cruising speed


Cruising range

80-120km in real test(70kg rider at 20km/h)

No-load speed


Max climbing

20°in real test(90kg rider)

Max load


Battery power



Battery type

LG M50T 21700 ; Samsung 50G 21700



Charging duration


Motor power


Motor type



Over speed alarm

30km/h ,2beeps/sec;

Incline alarm

Automatically shut off to protect rider when wheel is leaning at 35° from forward to backward direction,45° from left and right direction

Speed alarm

First class alarm: 2 beeps/sec

Second class alarm: 3beeps/sec

80% motor output, 5 beeps/sec

Other alarm

low voltage, <7.2km/h, 2 beeps/sec

low voltage,>7.2km/h,2beeps/2 sec

low voltage, >14.4km/h, 3 beeps/2 sec

hall malfunction, 2 beeps per 0.5 sec

PCB overheat, 2 beeps(short)

extreme low voltage, 1 beep/sec, totally 5 beeps

fall down, 1 beep/sec, totally 5 beeps

over voltage, 3 beeps/2sec

Main board overheat alarm

Main board temperature>66,urgent beeps from the wheel,footrests start lifting backward.

Special feature


Use APP ,to set horizontal level or any footrest angle at your choice


500~1200 lumen

Anti spin function

The motor will stop when you hold the handle lfit the wheel

Bluetooth Speaker

Use mobile phone connect the bluetooth play music


One charger,one BEGODE


This unicycle is made by Begode and obviously is in no way affiliated with the Tesla Inc motor company. They happen to have the same name as the little know electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, which is where the name of these wheel derives from.

 Video review of the original Tesla:

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