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Get your Electric Unicycle Serviced by Speedy Feet

This can give you some peace of mind in knowing what condition your Electric Unicycle is in, outside and importantly inside.

NOTE: This service comes FREE for those that purchase a new wheel from Speedy Feet. And is a condition of our 3 year warranty.

It can also increase the value of your used unit should you wish to sell it on, if you have a heavily documented record of service and safety checks from Speedy Feet.

We have noticed since starting in 2014 that over those years some wheel owners continue to ride their original wheels, and with that sometimes people come off their wheel. We have seen some pictures recently where riders are riding wheels that look in a terrible state, leading to the question: "If thats what they are like on the outside, what on earth are they like on the inside!" It also raised the concern that riders may not be aware that its not a good idea to smash a wheel up and continue to ride it around without some sort of inspection! It could potentially be very dangerous!

So what does our service do?

Our service involves visual checks and a battery test report.

Just like an MOT on a car, it does not guarantee you will not get an issue with your wheel or that there is not some underlying issue that cannot be detected through this service. This is a snagging list, in an attempt to make best effort to ensure all is in order, and catch potential issues before they happen.

We will note any Major or Minor concerns detailed in an email to you directly on completion. 

If a major concern is raised (such as inner shell damage, wiring damage or battery damage) the service will be paused and the issue raised with you directly before continuing so you can decide how you would like us to proceed with your unicycle.

We will run through the following snagging list:

  1. Outer visual inspection, noting down any damage or defects that we see
  2. Internal inspection, this is where the unit starts to get disassembled, this part of the process is filmed and photographed.
  3. Check list is followed through step by step and comments made. This list will be made available on completion as an email attachment and also will be included with the wheel when it is returned.
  4. We will note a pass or fail. (A fail would be due to a major concern)

Shipping both ways will need to be paid by the customer (even those who get the service for free), we charge for shipping back to you on the purchase of this listing here by entering an average wheel weight of 22kg. If the cost total comes to more than what we have charged we will need to request the difference.

You will need to include also your charger, as we will also inspect that.

If sending a wheel to us from outside the UK, you need to ensure that its marked as a repair, otherwise you will have to pay any import and handling fees incurred for sending it to us - if done incorrectly this could be a small fortune!


*In no way is this an actual government issued MOT, hopefully no one would be under in the impression that there even was such a thing, although obvious, we have mentioned it here at the bottom, if you read this far - well done!

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